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One year on

Remember the tiny puppy who came home with us a year ago? He’s now a fully grown, handsome dog.


Rory has brought us so much joy and love over the last year. It’s been wonderful seeing him mature from pup to adolescent, while still retaining his energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and love of stealing shoes. He’s been up several hills (I think he’s already done Ben Ledi three times and Ben Cleuch at least twice) and since he’s been a year old and fully grown I’ve started running with him. He’s a wonderful running companion – in fact, he’s even better behaved when I’m running than when I’m walking. He still pulls on the lead and sometimes runs off to investigate things, but for a dog of his young age he’s really very good.

He’s lying at my feet on the patio as I write this, no doubt looking forward to this afternoon’s run!


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New arrival

It’s the summer holidays! Woo! The time of year when I am usually cramming in as much crafting, baking and allotmenting as possible. All these things are still going on, but in a slightly more haphazard way than usual, because we have a new arrival to contend with. May I introduce Rory!

Rory is a 10-week-old working Cocker Spaniel. He came home with us a week ago. I now have the rest of the holidays to train him so that he’s ready to go into the office with Chris when I go back to school! He gets his second jab next week and I can’t wait to be able to take him for little walks. I have been carrying him around in a specially made dog carrier, which worked well for a brief while but quickly broke.

I’m waiting to see if I can get a replacement, as we’re off to Skye later in the summer and Rory won’t be up to walking very far! (Also, spot the FO!)

He’s settled in amazingly well. Within a week he was sleeping through the night without crying to go out, he’s been exploring the garden almost faster than we can dog-proof it (and he has a worrying tendency to eat stones!) and he already knows several commands (although he currently views them more as requests). I’m just starting to introduce the whistle – while we wanted a working dog so he would have the stamina to come running and hillwalking with us, I’ve been doing lots of reading about gundog training and I think I’m going to at least try some of the basic exercises. It’s really interesting, and I’m going to have to look into going along to a game fair or something – I’d love to see properly trained dogs working.

Incidentally, his name has always been one of my favourite male names, and I liked the fact that it also contains a bonus Doctor Who reference!

I’ll leave you with a picture of Rory with his favourite toy, Dave the Duck:


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I’m still alive…

I don’t have much to blog about as school started here in Scotland a couple of weeks ago so I’m back to being run off my feet and not having much knitting time. The Tangled Yoke cardigan is going quite well – I’m nearly ready to start the sleeves.

But just for fun, here’s something that a friend sent me: a YouTube clip of the world’s happiest dog. I do love Boxers.

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