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Kinder Scout

On Saturday we were driving from Staffordshire, where my parents live, to Yorkshire, home of The Fella’s family. As we were passing through the Peak District it seemed only right and proper to stop off for a spot of hill walking.

We took a steep route up out of Edale, following the path up the rocky gorge of Grinsbrook Clough. Running four times a week plus taekwon-do have obviously improved my fitness over the last few weeks because we positively stormed up the Clough, scrambling over boulders and overtaking lots of other walkers. It was fabulous. We got to the top and felt like we could do it all over again! I think I feel a summer of Munro-bagging coming on…

Anyway, this was the view looking back from the top of the Clough (you can’t see the Clough itself – it’s so steep it just falls away to the left of the photo).

Most of the walk was over Kinder Moor, a desolate area of peatland. We briefly walked in front of a group of very loud women who we overheard suggesting that someone should plant wildflower seeds to brighten the place up…so we walked fast to leave them behind (it was either that or subject them to a lecture about the importance of moorland habitats and the acidity of peat).

Then there was the bit that comes during all of our walks…the bit where we lose the path. Despite having a compass, map and GPS, and the fact that we were on one of the most popular hills in the Peak District on a Bank Holiday weekend, we ended up wandering around in the peatbog for a while. We weren’t alone – other groups of baffled people kept popping up on the horizon and wandering around looking lost.

The Fella pondering how to cross a patch of ankle-deep peat. Gaiters would have come in handy.

Eventually we teamed up with some other walkers and their very muddy dog and located the Kinder River, which we followed until we got to our destination: Kinder Downfall. The river was low and as we’d approached the waterfall from above we couldn’t actually see it from the path, but the view was lovely.

Then it was time to descend the well-trodden section of the Pennine Way back down to Edale.

The way back down.

By now our legs were quite tired and we didn’t manage to overtake very many peoople on the way down! In fact, we were overtaken by a family…but they had sticks which The Fella reckoned allowed them to go faster.

Now I’m just itching to tackle Stuc a’ Chroin…


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The photography project has been somewhat neglected for the past couple of weeks, so today when we went down to the allotment I grabbed a couple of shots en route.

Fairy Bridge, 23-3-09

The wee park next to the Fairy Bridge, 23-3-09

And Chris took this one of me watering our wedding sweet peas:

Knitting-wise, progress on the Print O’ the Wave continues apace – I’m trying to average one pattern repeat a day and as long and I manage another one tonight I’ll be on target! I was going to take a photo to show you all but the light wasn’t good by the time I’d finished doing my chores.

I’m terribly tempted to buy Ysolda’s Whimsical Little Knits collection. I would probably only make two or three of the patterns (the Hap Blanket is top of my list), but I would like to support Ysolda’s efforts to make a living by bringing us fabulous knitting patterns. Plus, it’s so cute!

EDIT: I was unable to resist and have bought Whimsical Little Knits. I am so going to be curling up next winter on top of my Skye sheepskin, underneath the Hap Blanket…

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In November, I decided to jump on one of the latest pattern bandwagons and cast on for Suvi S’s Baby Cables and Big Ones Too. I got a bag of scrummy undyed pure wool from New Lanark and decided on a self-imposed deadline of Christmas. A hectic last couple of weeks in the run-up to the holidays, and a sickness bug that left me too horizontal and poorly to knit made it a close call, but I cast off on Christmas Day. And I haven’t stopped wearing it since, except to sleep.

And I’d like to mention that, not only has Suvi written a fantastic pattern, but she’s very lovely and helpful. I posted a question about which cast-on method to use for the underarm stitches in the Sexy Knitters Group on Ravelry, and within about 10 minutes Suvi herself had answered! She also gave me some tips about blocking it (which I haven’t done yet, but I think a wet block is in order given that my parents’ Boxer dog spent Christmas drooling on me).

The only mod I made was to add about an inch to the sleeves, as usual. I just love the detailing on this sweater – it’s unusual, but not over-the-top. I think my favourite aspect is the sleeves – the way the cable twists down from the stocking stitch into the garter stitch panel, and the way the garter stitch cuffs flare out just a little.

I also whipped up a pair of Fetchings for my friend Charlotte. I used the last ball of Knitpicks Swish Worsted leftover from my Wicked sweater, and they came out really well. I love the way blocking completely transforms a picot edge.

I didn’t actually do much knitting over Christmas as I was away visiting family, and I realised that I hadn’t read the pattern for my next planned project carefully and I didn’t have the right yarn. However, I did get a copy of Custom Knits from Alithea. I had added it to my wish list because I fell in love with the Lettuce Coat (which I am still planning on knitting sometime). Upon browsing the patterns, however, my eye fell upon Ingenue. Remember the almost-black Kid Classic I bought to knit Flair?

Even though I’d bought the pattern I wasn’t entirely convinced about how well Flair would suit me, and as soon as I set eyes on Ingenue I knew that Kid Classic would work far better for a sophisticated wide-neck fitted sweater than it would for a swing cardigan. So shortly after I got home yesterday I cast on for Ingenue.

I haven’t had Internet access for the last week or so, but I did catch up with reading blog posts yesterday, although I didn’t really have time to comment. So instead of personal Christmas wishes, I hope everyone reading this had a good Christmas, and (because there seems to be a lot of illness about this year) I hope that those of you who were ill are recovered by now.

And, because I mentioned him earlier, it seems churlish to finish without a picture of my parents’ dog, Bryn.

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At last I had the correct combination of my camera, The Fella to operate said camera, and a bright sunny day. So here are some decent photos of the finished Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

And here’s a close-up of that exceedingly clever cable:

After washing, the Felted Tweed is fabulously soft and very warm despite being lightweight. Definitely a yarn to knit with again.

While we were out we took a couple of pictures of Autumn leaves:

And The Fella was happy because he found some waxwings:

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Wow, it’s an actual post, with actual real finished objects!

On Saturday we attended the wedding of The Fella’s sister and her fiance. Precisely a week before, I realised that I didn’t have a wrap or shrug to go with my dress, and proceeded to make an emergency trip to McAree’s in Stirling. I came away with five bargainous balls of Patons Washed Haze in “Faded Green” and proceeded to cast on for a Ribbed Lace Bolero. Simple pattern, small garment, aran weight yarn plus three days off sick led to the quickest FO ever:

I actually have three balls of Washed Haze left – that’s what you get for having a really loose tension.

While I was ill I finished the socks that I’ve been working on for a while:

They are RPM from Knitty in Natural Dye Studio Dazzle, colourway Shiraz Mist. I really love how the travelling rib pattern works with the variegated yarn – I was never particularly convinced by the pictures in the actual pattern, and it wasn’t until I saw some nice versions of RPM on Ravelry that I decided it would be the perfect pattern to show off this yarn. I did the heel flap version and accidentally grafted the toes too early, but they are still probably the best fit of any socks I’ve knitted so far (I tend to make them too big, which is one reason I prefer cuff-down – easier to alter!).

I have also just wound the Grace that I frogged last week into balls. I can’t remember how much I had, and my scales are not very precise, but I think it’s about 3 balls. Not very much for a shrug, but I could get more. I actually really liked the way the yarn looked knitted up on garter stitch on large needles – it’s got such a gorgeous sheen that it doesn’t need a complex stitch pattern to show it up. But I also really like the Mia shrug, which looks like a very adaptable pattern. I will have to mull it over…

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